Coupon SavvyCards

Coupon SavvyCards are digital coupons that never expire. Businesses use Coupon Cards to reward family, friends, and current customers for helping grow their business.


  • We create a digital Coupon SavvyCard for your business
  • We auto post to your Facebook page every month
  • You SHARE with your staff, friends, family and customers
  • They SHARE to their Facebook page
  • You get new customers
  • They SHARE to their Facebook page
  • It starts all over again...

Small business consultants are standing by to help you grow your business - call 727 502 6013

$249* Set Up + $19.99 / Month*ask about promotional discounts

Kim Klein

"This takes my business to a whole new level"

Owner of Up Salon

Kenneth Moore

"SavvyCard has changed my life and grown my business more than anything else"

Owner of Moore Property Service

Roberto Gonzalez

"My Coupon Card will grow my business by at least 10%"

Owner of Tampa Limo & Car

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