SavvyCard for Groups

Increase profits by capturing and converting more sales leads

"Our business has grown substantially since we started using SavvyCard. It's now much easier for our customers to refer us to their friends and family, and that's what powers our growth. If you're not using SavvyCard for your business, you should be."

- Karen Roeling, Owner & President, Siebert Insurance Agency

Companies that use SavvyCard for Groups enjoy:

  • More leads
  • Increased conversion and sales
  • Better return on investment

What is SavvyCard for Groups?

SavvyCard is a software platform that programmatically creates digital business cards with built-in lead capture and referral tools (called SavvyCards) for everyone in your organization. (If you're a real estate brokerage, we'll create SavvyCards for every property listing, too).

How SavvyCards work:

  1. Share SavvyCard to customers
  2. Capture customer's lead data
  3. Put sales person's face on customer's phone

Imagine how valuable it would be to have the contact details for every prospect who’s ever received one of your organization’s business cards. And now imagine they could easily refer you to friends and family, and you’d get notified when that happened. That’s what SavvyCard delivers.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is variable based on the size of your organization. For specific pricing, schedule a demo!

"I am closing on a property this weekend because of SavvyCard. SavvyCard paid for itself in the first month."

Lee Childress, REALTOR®, Premiere Homes Group

SavvyCard for Groups comes in two flavors: Business and Real Estate

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