Stop paying listing portals for leads — use SavvyCard instead!

SavvyCard for Real Estate uses your data in the MLS to automatically create Savvycards for you AND for your listings! Use these SavvyCards to generate leads online through Social Media and through your customer's friends and family, quickly and inexpensively!

SavvyCards are a FAR better way to generate leads than paying listing portals

Generate leads when...

  • You share your SavvyCards to friends and family (For free!)
  • Customers share your SavvyCards to their friends & family (For free!)
  • You share SavvyCard on social media (For free!)
  • You share your SavvyCard at Open Houses (For free!)
  • You create Facebook or other social media ads using your SavvyCard (For very little money!)
All leads go to you, and no one else! SavvyCard leads are NOT shared!

I use Property SavvyCards as a differentiator and win listings because of it. Once potential sellers see my SavvyCard and how it works, they’re sold on using me instead of other agents.

— JoAnn Martindale


Using SavvyCard is so easy. I’m almost embarrassed I hadn’t done this before. It really works and I’m very pleased with the results I got.

— Joyce Roberts


It was a little bit crazy, how many leads I started getting once the SavvyCard Facebook ad started running. I barely had to do anything and the spend was minimal.

— Kathy Karr-Garcia

REALTOR®, 2018 President of North East Florida MLS

I shared my Property SavvyCard to my Facebook business page to advertise an open house, then I boosted the post for $100. It only took me 5 minutes, and I got 10 inbound calls and 40 people to my house that were qualified customers. Pretty awesome.

— Kevin Bullis


Get started today with SavvyCard for Real Estate!

How to get started

  • We help you claim and set up your account
  • Your Agent and Property SavvyCards are automatically created from MLS data*
  • We train you on how to use SavvyCard to generate leads
  • Start using and sharing your SavvyCards to clients, friends, family and on social media
  • You can opt to purchase SavvyCard Facebook advertising services to generate even more leads on social media

*If you are in an MLS that does not yet have SavvyCard, contact us to let us know and we'll work with you to help your MLS provide SavvyCard to its members.

Got additional questions?

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