An Introduction to QR codes

What is a QR Code?

“QR Code”, which is short for Quick Response Code, is a barcode-like medium capable of holding large amounts of information, which can be accessed on mobile devices using an application called a QR code reader. A link to a website, coordinates and text are some examples of the type of information that QR codes can be used to encode.

QR Codes are quickly becoming ubiquitous as an advertising and marketing medium. You can see QR Codes in magazine ads, on product labels, in restaurant menus, on real estate signs and basically on any printed or electronic medium that is used to communicate information to consumers. QR Codes are on of the most efficient and effective methods of driving consumer behavior when the consumer is "mobile" and doesn't have access to a computer.


Using your SavvyCard

Learn how to use SavvyCards to network and grow your business.