Background Tab

The Background Tab in CardBuilder allows you to manage the background artwork for your SavvyCard. You have two options for your card background;

  1. Select a Stock Background
  2. Create and Upload a Custom Background

Stock Backgrounds

CardBuilder includes dozens of stock backgrounds provided for your use free of charge. These backgrounds are sorted into different categories by industry and there are generally from 3 to 10 backgrounds available per category.

Stock backgrounds come with pre-set font colors that cannot currently be changed. If you wish to use custom font colors with your SavvyCard, you will need to create and use a Custom Background.

Custom Backgrounds

One of the most powerful features of SavvyCard is the ability to create and use Custom Backgrounds and Custom Pictures to create a completely unique card for you or your organization.

To create a Custom Background, you can use a graphics program like PhotoShop and design a background yourself, or you can engage a third party designer to create a background for your organization, much like you might have a designer create a custom business card template.

Once you've created your background, you can use the Background Tab in CardBuilder to upload and save the background to your account for use with any of your SavvyCards. You can also share the background with other members of organization for their use.

Design it Yourself

If you know your way around graphics programs like PhotoShop or if your company or organization has marketing or design resources on staff, you may be able to create a Custom Background for your SavvyCard yourself using the following instructions;

Hire a Designer

Any web / graphic designer or creative agency should be able to quickly and cost effectively create a Custom Background for your organization for use with your SavvyCard. In addition, SavvyPhone offers Premium Design Services if you wish to work directly with our team of top designers.

Using your SavvyCard

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