How to add your SavvyCard email signature in Outlook

Before you start, you should have already used CardBuilder to generate and download your graphical signature for your SavvyCard and saved the signature to your desktop or another known location on your computer.

To create a SavvyCard email signature in Outlook:

  1. Select Tools | Options... from the menu in Outlook.
  2. Go to the Mail Format tab.
  3. Click Signatures... under Signatures.
  4. Click New....
  5. Give the new signature a name.
  6. Click Next >.
  7. Select the Insert Image button / Picture button
  8. In the ensuing dialog, navigate to where your SavvyCard signature was saved and select it for insertion.
  9. You should now see your sig displayed in the Signature dialog.
  10. Click on the graphic of the signature to select it.
  11. Select the Insert Link / Hyperlink button
  12. Type or paste in your SavvyCard URL in the Address field. The URL for each card can be found on the "My Cards" page on
  13. Click Ok.
  14. Click in the dialog to the right of the graphical signature and hit return / enter until the cursor is below the graphic.
  15. Type or paste in your SavvyCard URL so that it is displayed below the graphic. 
  16. Click Finish.
  17. Select your prefered options for when the signature will be displayed.
  18. Click Ok.

Test your Signature by sending yourself an email message. Click on the graphic and the link below the graphic to make sure both open your card in the browser. Then scan the QR code in your signature using a Smart Phone QR Code reader to make sure the QR code is linked correctly to your card.

All done!

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