How to add your SavvyCard email signature to your Windows Live or Hotmail account

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Adding your SavvyCard image-based signature to your Hotmail or Windows Live Email account

1. With email and password, log into your SavvyCard account

2. Click on the My Cards section and find the SavvyCard that you want to generate an email signature for.

3. Next to that SavvyCard, click the button on the right titled "Edit This Card".

4. Once that SavvyCard is displayed, click on the "Marketing" tab.

5. Click on the green button titled "generate and download email signature"

6. Click and hold down the right mouse button just below the email signature image and highlight it.

7. Add the email signature image to your clipboard by using CTRL + C or Command + C on a Mac 

8. Log into your Hotmail or Windows Live account and in the upper right, click on Options and then select More Options from the list.

9. Under the Writing Email section, click on "Message Font and Signature" option.

10. Locate the Personal Signature section.

11. Hotmail and Windows Live use Image Based Signatures so you MUST add some text to the open signature field. We suggest "Click to view my SavvyCard".

12. Below the text that you added, paste your SavvyCard signature into the box provided by pressing CTRL + V or Command + V on a Mac. 

13. Once your SavvyCard Signature has been pasted, click "Save".

14. Check to make sure your Hotmail or Windows Live email has added your SavvyCard signature by clicking "Go to Inbox" on the left and then click "New" (like you would to generate a new email message). Your new SavvyCard Signature should be in the new email. You're done!

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