How to add your SavvyCard signature to Outlook

  1. In E-mail view, choose Mail Message from the New button or press [Ctrl]+N to open a blank mail window.
  2. Enter your signature’s text. Try to limit your signature to essential information. A signature should be only a line or two.
  3. Position the cursor where you want to insert a graphic.
  4. Choose Picture from the Insert menu, locate and select the file, and then click Insert. In Outlook, click the Insert tab and choose the appropriate command from the Illustrations group. The file must be one of the following formats: GIF, JPEG, or PNG. TIFF and BMP files are too large to include in the signature line.
  5. Press [Ctrl]+A to select the entire signature and the graphic.
  6. Press [Ctrl]+C to copy the signature to the Clipboard.
  7. Choose Options from the Tools menu on the main menu.
  8. Click the Mail Format tab.
  9. Click Signatures in the Signatures section.
  10. Click New.
  11. Name the signature and click Next. (Outlook groups the options together, so there’s no need to click Next.)
  12. Click inside the Edit Signature control and press [Ctrl]+V to paste the signature from the Clipboard. (If you’re using Outlook, be sure to select the signature by name from the New Messages control.)
  13. Click OK twice. On the Mail Format tab, choose the signature from the Signature For New Messages drop-down list in the Signatures section.
  14. Click OK

Using your SavvyCard

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