Mobile Networking with SavvyCard

Mobile Networking with SavvyCard

So you are at a Networking event and you meet a potential customer. You can hand them a business card or send them an Apple / Google contact but then what? 90% of the time business cards are lost or thrown away within a week and if you send a Apple / Google contact, it just dissapears into their contact book mixed in with hundreds of other contacts.

You can use your SavvyCard to change this dynamic and increase the likelihood that the customer will remember you and take action to reach out to you after the newtorking event. It's simple;

1) Ask if you can share your Mobile Business Card to the customer. 99% of the time they will say yes.

2) Decide in advance how you want to follow up with the customer - by email or text.

3) Use the "Share" button to send your SavvyCard to the customer using your preferred method of contact.

4) Make sure you put a short message in the Share that reminds you and the customer both of where / when you met. (We'll use this later)

5) Once the customer recieves the card, walk them through how to open it on their phone and how to Save the card on their home screen (this takes a bit of work to learn how to do, but once you've mastered it, you'll be placing your face right on your customers phone so that they will have a visual reminder of who you are and why they should call you).

6) Show them how to use the Icon for your SavvyCard to open the card and call you.

Realtors! - If you have SavvyCard for Real Estate, you can show them how to search for Homes for Sale using the Listings button.

7) When you get back to your office, login to your SavvyCard account and use the "Card Analytics" dashboard to remind you of the name, contact info and when / where you met the customer and follow up with them within 24 hours of first meeting.


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