Save a SavvyCard to your phone

There are two options for saving a SavvyCard to your mobile device so that you can quickly and easily get back to the card whenever you want.

Use the "Save" button

"Save" is a default button on every SavvyCard. It will often be found on the 2nd page of buttons, so if you don't see it at first, use the "Flip" button to find it. When you select the "Save" button from any SavvyCard, it will detect the device you are using and give you device or browser specific instructions on how to Save an Icon or Bookmark to the card.

Some mobile devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, will allow you to add a SavvyCard Icon directly to the home screen, in exactly the same way that you can add icons for native applications. This is great for saving links to SavvyCards that you constantly use such as family, friends or co-workers.

But you'll quickly run out of space on your home screen if you try to add more than a handful of SavvyCard Icons, so if you want to store a large number of SavvyCards, we recommend you use our card management system, SavvyDecks.

Use SavvyDecks

SavvyDecks is a web application that allows you to save an unlimited number of SavvyCards to your account and quickly and easily access them from any web connected device. SavvyDecks is optimized to work with most touch-screen smart phones as well as tablet, laptop and desktop computers. 

You'll want to add a SavvyDecks Icon to your device's home screen to make it as easy as possible to get to your SavvyDecks account. To do this, go to on your mobile device and select the "Save" button from the main menu. Instructions for saving a SavvyDecks Icon to the home screen of your specific device will be displayed.

Once you have SavvyDecks on your mobile device, you can use it to quickly access and launch any SavvyCard that you add to your account.

Using your SavvyCard

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