Savvy QR Code

Each SavvyCard comes with an automatically generated QR code that can be found under the "Marketing" tab in CardBuilder. This article deals with the specifics of SavvyCard QR Codes. For more information on QR Codes, please see the following articles:

SavvyCard Logo

Each SavvyCard QR Code includes a SavvyCard logo embedded in the artwork. This logo in no way impairs how your Savvy QR Code will work and is simply a method of communicating to users that the QR Code is linked to your SavvyCard and not some other generic website or application. Because SavvyCard users understand what to expect when they visit a SavvyCard, they will be more likely to scan a Savvy QR Code than a QR code which goes to some mystery location.

Use of Short URLs

One of the drawbacks of typical QR Code campaigns, is that the URL the QR code points to cannot normally be changed after the QR code is created and distributed. If you wish to change the destination of a QR code which is printed on some marketing collateral, such as a business card or brochure, you must reprint them with a new QR code. This has the potential of leading to "Orphaned" QR codes which lead to a web URL that no longer exists or has out of date information and it seriously hampers the use of QR codes to point to content that needs to be periodically updated to a new URL on a regular basis.

To address these issues, SavvyCard has built the Savvy QR Code system using an intemediate "Short" URL which allows for the destination of a Savvy QR Code to be redirected to another URL after the code has been generated and distributed. The Savvy QR Code points to a Short URL which is automatically generated when the SavvyCard is created. The Short URL then automatically redirects to the published URL for the SavvyCard;

Savvy QR Code (permanent) >> Short URL (permanent) >> Published Card URL (variable)

This system allows the card holder to change their Published Card URL as desired without running the risk of orphaning their Savvy QR Code.


Using your SavvyCard

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