SavvyCard Buttons

Buttons are icons displayed on each SavvyCard which are used by people viewing the card to interact with different functions, features and content. Currently there are 16 Buttons available for use on SavvyCards. 11 are "Optional Buttons" and 5 are "Fixed Buttons".

Optional Buttons

Optional buttons are buttons that can be enabled or disabled by the card holder as desired. Turning a button on or off is accomplished on the "Buttons" tab in CardBuilder and changes to a button's on / off state are real-time (ie. turning off the "Call" button in card builder will immediately result in visitors to your card being unable to see or use that button until it is turned on again.).

Supported Optional Buttons include:

  1. Call
  2. Text
  3. Email
  4. Find
  5. Profile
  6. Organization
  7. Contact Info
  8. Recommend
  9. Savvy
  10. My Sites
  11. Social

Fixed Buttons

These are buttons that are automatically added to each SavvyCard by the system when appropriate.

  1. Share
  2. Notes
  3. Save
  4. Flip
  5. Back

Future Buttons

Additional Buttons will be added to the SavvyCard system in future updates.

Using your SavvyCard

Learn how to use SavvyCards to network and grow your business.