SavvyDecks Overview

SavvyDecks is a Card Management System for SavvyCard. In many ways it is similar to contact management systems you may already be familiar with, but it includes a number of unique features that are made possible by the SavvyCard system. SavvyDecks allows you to do the following;

  1. Save SavvyCards of other users.
  2. Search your saved SavvyCards using keywords.
  3. Sort your saved SavvyCards aphabetically by last name or chronologically by date added.
  4. Quickly Send your SavvyCard to another card holder.

Quick and Easy Access

You can easily access your SavvyDecks right from your SavvyCard.  While you are logged in to your account, just click on the SavvyDecks icon on your card's toolbar. You can also easily setup a Home Screen or Home Page icon on your device that links directly to SavvyDecks. To setup a Home page icon, go to, login to your account if neccssary, and bookmark the page to your bookmarks folder or Home screen.

Real Time Contact Updates

One of the best features of SavvyDecks is that all of the cards saved to your account are automatically updated in real-time whenever one of your contacts changes their SavvyCard. This means that you don't have to worry about updating their contact information every time someone changes their phone number, address or even their company.


Using your SavvyCard

Learn how to use SavvyCards to network and grow your business.