Set up a SavvyCard email signature


One of the best ways to share your SavvyCard with other people is to setup an email signature that links to your card. There are two ways to do this; by including a simple web link to your card or by setting up a graphical signature that links to your card.

Web Link

Every SavvyCard is a miniature website and just like any other website, it has a URL that links directly to the card. You can find your SavvyCard's URL by going to the "Marketing" tab in the SavvyCard editor. In the "Signature Generator" section, select the green button titled "Generate & Download Email Signature."  Your SavvyCard URL will be displayed at the bottom. You can include this link in text-based email signatures to allow recipients to easily access your SavvyCard from your signature.

Graphical Signature

Most email clients will allow you to include a graphic as part or all of your email signature. This graphic can be linked to your SavvyCard so that when a recipient clicks on the signature graphic, your SavvyCard will be opened.

It is also highly recommended that you add a plain text link to your SavvyCard under your graphical signature. This will allow recipients of your email that have HTML emails disabled to access your SavvyCard using the link. The URL for your SavvyCard can be found on the "My Cards" page above the mini-card view of each SavvyCard.

SavvyCard Signature Generator

The SavvyCard editor includes a tool for generating a graphical email signature for your SavvyCard that can be customized to include your icon, your name and contact information, and your card's QR Code. This tool can be found by logging into your SavvyCard account and going to Find the card you wish to create an Email Signature for and select "Edit this Card" from the list of options to the right of the card. This will open up Card Builder, the editing system for SavvyCards. 

Once you are in Card Builder, select the "Marketing" tab which can be found just under the main navigation bar. On the ensuing page, click on "Signature Generator" to generate your custom Email signature for the card you selected. Follow the instructions to the right of the signature to learn how to set it up for your particular Email client.

The specific process for adding a graphical signature to your email depends upon your email client. All email applications are different. We've provided a set of help articles and video instructions for the most popular email clients.  Please find the article for your specific email service to see how to setup a SavvyCard email signature.

If your email client is not listed above, please refer to your email client's support or help system to determine how to setup an email signature for your client.

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