Use SavvyCard to Market Your Business

Use SavvyCard to Market Your Business

SavvyCard is an effective platform for growing your business. 80% of active users report that dedicated use of SavvyCard as a social marketing tool results in a 10 - 100% increase in annual revenues. Businesses achieve these results primarily using the following strategies;

1) Mobile Networking with SavvyCard

Share your SavvyCard to every prospective client you meet at networking or social events. You'll capture their email address or mobile number and create an entry in your SavvyCard analytics log that you can use as a reminder to follow up once you are back in the office. Also, the customer will be more likely to remember you once they recieve and view your SavvyCard, especially if it's customized.

2) Facebook Advertising with SavvyCard

Use the Share button to share your SavvyCard to Facebook and then advertise your card using Facebook's ad manager. SavvyCards are fantastic landing pages for Facebook ads and convert 100 - 500% better than traditional websites.

Realtors! - Using Facebook ads with your Property SavvyCards are an effective way of finding buyers for homes and for winning new listings. 

3) Create a Professional Referral Network with SavvyCard

Use the Recommend button to create a network of professional service partners that you share referrals with. This works best if you work directly with your referral partners to help them setup and customize their own SavvyCards and then cross link the cards together. Businesses that use this tactic report getting 5 - 10X more professional referrals from their referral partners annually.

4) Own your Name on Google using SavvyCard

If you type in the name "Brenda Carnegie" on Google you'll see that her SavvyCard comes up #1, beating our her LinkedIn and Facebook pages and her profile on Zillow and Getting 1st page results on Google for your name can be achieved using four tactics - 1) customize the your card URL to include your name, 2) share your card regularly to Facebook and other social media accounts, 3) link to your card from every business site you can including your website, your LinkedIn profile and from professional directories and most importantly, 4) use your card regularly. The more you use your card, the higher Google's engagement rating for your card and the better it will perform in search.

Customize Your SavvyCard

Businesses get the best results by using a professionally customized SavvyCard. We offer an inexpensive service to fully customize your SavvyCard artwork here. This service includes a one hour marketing consultation where we'll learn about your business and consult with you on strategies for using your SavvyCard as an effective marketing & sales tool.

Managed Facebook Advertising

SavvyCard offers a managed Facebook advertising program where we'll handle your ad design, manage your Facebook ads and provide a monthly consultation to review campaign performance and recommend improvements. Facebook advertising is an excellent way for many businesses to generate new leads.

This is an especially effective program for Realtors who wish to promote their own listings or advertise within a geographic farm area to create brand visibility and to win new listings.

To learn more about Managed Facebook Advertising, contact Ruth O'Leary.

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