Use SavvyCards with QR Codes

SavvyCard QR Codes

CardBuilder automatically generates a QR Code for every SavvyCard you create. The unique QR Code for every SavvyCard can be found under the "Marketing" tab in CardBuilder. To access the QR code for a specific card, log into, then select "Edit This Card" for the card you wish to work with from "My Cards" and then select the "Marketing" tab.

Under the Marketing tab you will see a section called "My QR Code" where the unique QR Code for the card you are editing will be displayed. This code will allow others to access your SavvyCard by simply scanning the code with any QR Code reader on their mobile device.

You can right-click on the QR Code graphic and save it to your computer as a .jpg file. Once you have it saved you can include the QR Code graphic anywhere you'd like; on printed materials such as your business card or sales brochures, on your website or blog or in email or electronic newsletters.

Another way to access the QR Code for a specific card is by opening that card on any device and selecting the “Share” button. One of the options under the Share button is "Share by QR Code" and the same QR Code that is found under the Marketing tab in CardBuilder can be viewed and scanned from the Share button.

Using QR Codes effectively

Following are a number of suggestions for using your SavvyCard QR Code to more easily share your card with others;

  1. Add your SavvyCard QR Code to your printed business cards.
  2. If you are using an iPhone or iPad, set the Lock Screen to display a graphic of your SavvyCard QR Code. Then when you want to share your SavvyCard with someone, they can use a QR code reader to scan your Lock Screen to quickly open your card on their phone.
  3. Add your SavvyCard QR Code to any marketing materials where the goal is to get the reader to contact you directly. This is great for Media Kits, Sales Brochures and the like.

Using your SavvyCard

Learn how to use SavvyCards to network and grow your business.