Your Own Domain Address That Points To Your SavvyCard? No Problem!

One question that we frequently get about SavvyCard is, "Can I have my own domain point to my SavvyCard?" The answer is Yes!

SavvyCard has many effective ways to share your card with other people, such as email, text, and QR code, but sometimes you just need to tell a person the URL (or web address) to your card.  So instead of trying to talk someone through typing into their browser address bar (or worse yet, their mobile phone), you can choose one of two procedures called "Domain Forwarding", or "Domain Masking."

Domain Forwarding

Domain Forwarding is essentially just pointing a domain name that you own to your SavvyCard.   So if you forward a domain that you own, say to your SavvyCard, then when anyone types in in their browser address bar, it will "forward" them to

Domain Masking

Domain Masking takes forwarding one step further. When you "Mask" a domain name, it forwards the person to your SavvyCard, but keeps your domain name in the web address bar!

Said a different way, say you own, and you forward that to with domain masking, then the person looking at your card will ALWAYS see in the address bar.  It won't change to  It will always stay

So why is domain forwarding/masking useful?

Two reasons come to mind. First, if you own a domain name, such as your name, then it's a huge BRANDING advantage. Second, it's a lot easier to tell people (or print on your flyers or advertising) a more simple domain name (such as than to try to explain to people to go to

I'm sold! So how do I forward my domain to my SavvyCard?

Every domain registrar (GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc.) has different procedures for forwarding and masking domain names that you own. You can visit the Support area for the domain registrar that you use and search on "Domain forwarding" or "Domain masking" and get instructions there.

For instance, on GoDaddy the procedure is:

  1. Login to your account on GoDaddy.
  2. Go to Domain Manager.
  3. Click on the domain that you own that you'd like to forward to your SavvyCard (we recommend you choose a .mobi domain to distinguish this as a mobile site).
  4. Under the Domain Information column, click on Manage next to the Forwarding section.
  5. Type in your SavvyCard URL (such as into the forward field.
  6. If you want to MASK your domain, click Advanced Options.
  7. Click Forward with Masking.
  8. Fill in the Title, Description, and Keywords fields so that the information you want displays where you want it.
  9. Click OK!

Spread the word!  And look here for other effective ways to market yourself with SavvyCard!

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